My five year old hates me!!!!


so I’m pregnant, and I have a five year old son. I recently just broke the news to him that I am pregnant and that he is going to become an older brother, he took the news better than I expected!! he’s always been very attached to me, he acts very affectionate and loving towards me, he’s always had a lot of respect for me it’s always been me and him his whole life so I’m all he has... just like any other five year old acts he does have tantrums and I do have to put him in time out and take action. Lately he’s been very distant, emotional, rude, upset, and defiant towards me not anyone else.. he recently told me last night he doesn’t want me to have a girl the sex of the baby is still unknown I spoke with him for a while but I don’t know what’s triggering the attitude and disrespect ?? He has purposely been hitting my stomach, jumping on me, and hitting my back of course it doesn’t hurt ... I’m almost to my second trimester so I don’t worry to much as a pro caution .. I know it’s mythical but is it possible I’m having a girl and he can feel it ?? Or what’s going on? I’m asking MOMS, because I need some advice or some answers ?? why is he suddenly feeling resentment and hate towards me ??