Tubal Ligation


Hey ladies, I’m just wondering if any one has had a tubal ligation after pregnancy and how effective it was/is? My second daughter was born 3/26/18 by c section and I had a tubal ligation while my doc was already in there, I have 2 beautiful daughters so I knew this was the right choice for me and my family.

I had my first period since the c section last month the 18-29th so not a normal period at all and this month so far nothing! I’ve read that sometime tubal ligation a are effective. Am I being paranoid and my body isn’t totally back to normal or should I test?

Thank you ladies!

P.S Every single woman ( no matter her circumstance) that I have seen post stories and pictures, you are all strong, beautiful, wonderful women and I’m so glad to a part of this Glow community with you!