Yazmin 🌺

*Long Post, Sorry*

In August 2016 I stopped taking BC Nora-Be. My periods were NOT regular once I stoped the pill. Before the pill they were always on time to the day!

On April 11 2017 I started taking vitex to bring back my period, well it did. A week after I started vitex it came back! Ended my period, now a week later I started spotting on May 5th and this lasted till the 8th. On the 8th that’s when I full period came!

I’ve been doing OPKS too. I notice that on May 30th ovulated. So I waited for my period.

Period was due June 13 and it never came! Now I was taking Vitex only in the AM and then only 2 of them. Now that I have missed my period I started taking 3. Morning, afternoon and night time.

My question: Was I in the wrong for taking 2 in the AM only? By doing that did I mess with my cycle? Below are my OPK charts and months of periods. Hopefully someone can either relate or have some advise.