My Dad Made Me Feel Bad About My Pregnancy Weight Gain 😢

Callie • 👶🎀 8.18.18. 👶🎀 3.16.20.

So a couple weeks ago, my dad, who normally lives 12 hours away, was in town for a bit and I spent some time visiting with him, since I knew Father’s Day was coming up and I would otherwise not get to see him. It was the first time we’d seen each other since before I got pregnant. The visit itself seemed to go okay, but when I called him the other day to wish him a happy Father’s Day, he made a comment that I found hurtful. It started out innocently enough—he asked me how things were going with the pregnancy, and I proceeded to tell him about the 30w growth scan we recently had—that everything was looking good with the baby, she was finally head down, and that they estimated her weight to already be nearly 4 lbs. He responded quite bluntly, “Well, you’ve certainly gained more than 4 lbs!” I wasn’t sure really what to say in response—this isn’t the first time he’s ever made insensitive comments about my weight—I’ve been struggling with my weight since long before pregnancy—but still, it caught me off guard. I went on to explain that the doctor isn’t concerned about my weight gain, and that I’m having a perfectly normal pregnancy (no preeclampsia, no GD), and he started trying to back pedal, but the damage had already been done. Maybe I’m overreacting due to my pregnancy hormones, but his comment has been bothering me ever since. After having lost a good amount of weight prior to my pregnancy, I was already having a hard time dealing with my pregnancy weight gain on an emotional level, I already felt like a whale, and my self-esteem was already in the shitter. Now I feel even worse. 😭 Just needed to vent.