Charged with misdemeanor larceny and possession of stolen merchandise??


I know this isn’t the place to ask these questions but me and my friends stole stuff from walmart. Got caught. Theyw as really friendly to us and told us it would be okay bc i was crying. They said it was our first offense and we’d just get community service. I stole $23 worth of stuff. I wish i didn’t. It was so stupid. I just don’t know what court is gonna be like and I’m really scared and how is it gonna look on my record. Will it get off when i turn 18? I’m only 17 and in my state you’re considered an adult when your over 16 through the court. I haven’t told my parents and i don’t plan on it bc i have a job and i can pay my court fees. I’m pleading guilty and taking my community service but what about the record thingy. How do i get it off my record? I’m really scared.