Went off BC and now my periods are so irregular.

I went off BC about 2.5 years ago. My periods since have been so irregular. 
This is how it has been:
May 18-23, 2014
June 19-24, 2014
September 7-12, 2014 
October 8-13, 2014
November 8-13, 2014
December 31, 2014 - January 4, 2015
February 4-9, 2015
March 24-28, 2015
Does anyone else have this issue? I don't want to go back on BC because I feel like it messes with my system - which it clearly does. Whenever I see a doctor about this, they just tell me to go back on it. Which is not going to happen. 
I thank everyone in advance for their help! 😘