ovulation confuseeeed!!


Hi ladies. I am TTC number 1 and I have only just started tracking my symptoms etc. I'm really new to everything and I haven't yet started using OPK or doing BBT. Just logging symptoms and cycle length etc. I had a question with regards to ovulation day. I have a consistent cycle and usually have 30-32day cycle. I've noticed I get ovulation pains on the left only and I get EWCM. I've never felt anything on the right. After this I get sore breasts and then no CM until period. This month I was on holiday and so didn't notice any EWCM, maybe because I was in and out the pool? Also I didn't feel any ovulation pains, could I have ovulated from the right this time instead? But I have sore breasts, it's making me think I have ovulated but I can't be sure. Also if I did then it would have been 3/4 days early from the days I was expecting to ovulate from the previous patterns. Is this possible?

Sorry for the long post and TIA!😊