6/19 - CD 13

🌜⭐| a m a n d a |⭐🌛 • 32-years-young / TTC #1 💍 6.26.07 - Until Forever 💋

This is a very weird trend that I've never had pre-ovulation before. 🤔 OPK's are getting darker, but still negative. Hope I get a good, clear shift this month, especially after this strange rise! 🤞🤞

I've only been testing once a day, but with these rising temps I figured I'd do one this morning, just in case, and I'll do another later today. I'd say another day or two and I'll probably have my surge.

I'm starting to feel "sore" around my cervix/uterus, which happens every month right before ovulation. It makes BD'ing a little painful 🙄 CM is an odd mix of watery/creamy today, but seems like I'm producing more than I used to, which is really good! Still no EWCM though. 🤷‍♀️