IUD insertion wasnt THAT bad

I just wanted to write a post for women out there whom are considering an iud but scared of the pain. Its not THAT bad at all. I know everyone is different but hear me out...

I was terrified to get my iud yesterday because i made the mistake of reading all the horror stories online. Don't do that. It will just make your nerves so much worse. Out of 10 on the pain scale, it was a 3 tops. It was just uncomfortable, definitely NOT unbearably painful in the least.

for the record: Im 27 with no kids. Had the procedure done when I wasnt on my period. It felt like a mild period cramp/poop cramp. Id say the worst of it was the dilating and that was over fairly quick.

my advice would be to find an obgyn experienced in iud insertion, eat a large meal beforehand, do your business, take at least 600mg ibuprofen 1 hr before appt, and relax as much as humanely possible on the table. FOCUS on your breathing, that helps a ton too. And bring pads or ask for them from your gyno. No tampons, no penis. You cant insert anything in your vagina for a week after the iud is put in. You'd risk infection if you do. Its usually very quick procedure and whatever pain experienced is forgettable.

OH! Also my gyno assured me more than half the female population has a positive, barely painful, experience. So if youre having doubts, i hope this helps. Its not THAT bad at all.