Have to share this FUNNY story.

Paige • 27| Married 3 years| Expecting Baby #1 Oct. 2019

So. this month we are doing the SMEP (long story short you BD 3 days in a row with your frst peak OPK, skip a day, then do it one more time).

Yesterday was out one more time. I KNOW that I ovulated because I did take an OPK again yesterday morning, and it was negative. so SUPER confident this month. I FEEL GOOD. however, I did want to follow the plan like you're supposed to so we planned to BD yesterday.

Honestly, we were both exhausted, and I felt disgusting due to over eating at a family function the night before, but we wanted to do it. We both went into separate bathrooms to "prep" ourselves (lol).

When I walked into our room there was a MASSIVE pile of dog vomit on the carpeted floor. My other dog was just sitting next to it. I went to go find the one that did it (I knew it was him for multiple reasons ) and I found him in the living room next to TWO more piles of vomit, right on the edge of the rug so close

to the laminate.

I grabbed the spot shot and headed towards our room to clean up that one, the OTHER dog had vomited IN THREE OTHER SPOTS on the


needless to say my husband and I spent the night cleaning up dog puke on our carpet instead of BDing.

Oh to be a dog mom, and yet I can't wait until. cleaning up baby puke. 😂😂😂