Period or Pregnancy?!


June 12th - 13th I began experiencing breast soreness and sensitive nipples. Which I have never experienced before. After googling the systems, it says that it can happen leading to your menstrual cycle.

June 13th I was expecting to get my period, but it never came. No menstrual cramps or anything alerting me, as I usually get them.

June 16th after still not getting my period, I took a pregnancy test, negative. Later that day I experienced light spotting. I wasn't sure if it was spotting or if I was beginning my period. Because normally my periods are heavy.

June 16th - 18th I still was experiencing breast soreness along with light bleeding. On the 17th I dealt with abdominal cramps.

Today June 19th I have light spotting.

I've logged all my symptoms into all my <a href="">ovulation apps</a>.