Losing hope

Amber • Mom of 1 beautiful daughter, TTC #2 for 14 years

My husbands sperm count was 5.5 mil a month ago when my dr checked his count, so he sent him to a urologist, he had the appointment yesterday! And honestly I have to say i was very disappointed in the appointment, he looked at the papers, and then turned around and said medications won’t up How count I’ll just have to send y’all to a fertility dr, the only thing he done was “feel” around down below he is redoing his semen analysis tomorrow to see how his counts are. I have been giving him a 1,000 mg vitamin c 2x a day, vitamin D 5000mg a day. A one s day men’s multivitamin a day also. I am praying hard his counts are better, I know the lab where we dropped his last sample off at the woman took her time with it and it was close to if not already past an hour, This time he will be doing it in office...... if y’all have any other over the counter things that had helped. Please help a person out!! Thanks