Would this be selfish???

Cecilia • 29, married. Ttc number 1!!
My dh and I are ttc and have Ben for a couple of months. I missed periods with negative pregnancy test so I went to the doctor to get a blood test. During the course of speaking with the dr she suggested I get tested for the sickle cell trait. My aunt had the trait and one of my cousins actually had sickle cell and died from it. Long story short pregnancy test came back negative but I'm positive for the sickle cell trait. I vented about it to dh ( who the dr said would only need to be tested if I were positive) and he asked me " so if I'm positive does that mean you don't want a baby ?" And now I'm all stressed out! I saw my cousin suffer from this and if I had a child with it I would feel so guilty! Would it be selfish to have a child knowing they may have an illness???