Sometimes this journey is truly heartbreaking.

There are days when even though I'm frustrated and feeling low, I can feel God's arms around me and I know that He has plans to prosper my life. Today, however, is not one of those days. Today, I'm feeling angry, bitter, and defeated. After a week where my husband got rejected for a job that was literally opened just for him which would have allowed us to move closer to family and save more money, his parents basically said that we weren't welcome at their house during the week (mil has some mental issues), and his coworker, who he and his wife have also been struggling with conceiving, announce today that they're pregnant with twins. I know I shouldn't be angry or crying or jealous, but I can't help it. I don't understand why things seem to be falling down around us with constant disappointments. Sorry for the rant; if you are a praying person, I would truly appreciate your prayers.