Pregnancy announcements😕

Marissa • Follow my IG: Laselcamille
While I'm really happy for all of the ladies who are pregnant and want to share (believe me, I get it!!), I'm currently going through a miscarriage and I try not to see all the pregnancy stuff on here, but people post it everywhere. In Glow support, in adult relationships, etc. there's groups dedicated to showing off your bfps and talking about your pregnancy. I don't get why you'd post anywhere else.
I'm really not trying to come off as rude but it makes me want to delete this app because I go on here to occupy my mind for a few mins, and in my current emotional state it's not good to occupy my mind with pregnancy related things. 
I think glow mods should be more on top of moving/deleting post or censoring certain topics in certain groups. When someone posts about their miscarriage in the wrong group it's deleted in seconds, but not the other way around. Please consider this! Thanks