I want a puppy

Cassandra • 👰🏼🤵🏻07/10/2016🤰🏼07/27/19 ❤️❤️

Hey All,

My husband and I will be married for 2 years in July and unfortunately due to my medical health, I can’t get pregnant. I have been having baby fever for like ever so I thought; hey let’s get a puppy( maybe it will help with the baby fever because they are very needy lol)

Well the problem is I can’t convince my husband and my family doesn’t think I need one but they don’t know how it feels to be told You can’t have children! They think they mean well but I feel is just plain ignorance. They keep saying you will have your chance or “I had a friend and blah blah”.

Below is my husband And I!

I need some ideas on how to convince my husband to get me puppy


He agreed to get a puppy!! Yay!!!! I am soo happy y’all... now I just need to do my research and pick the best one!

Thank you all for your kind words and advice. 😀

Update: he wants it to be a surprise when we get a dog.... I hate surprises lol he has to make things difficult hahahah