do anyone can not be discharged orgasmed twice or trice but only once?


idk why but i can not discharge myself during intercourse when get orgasmed once after that my vagina starts paining if he is hitting hard nd i never discharged twice is this normal? updated: i mean when evry couple have sex i if man r extraordinary they go for so long period like half nd hr during this i orgasm within 10 minutes or less. but he didnt freed hisself yet so he is hitting me up hitting hard to make himself orgasm(ejaculate) so now i should orgasm twice right? but i do not orgasm twice:( he says always try to orgasm twice urself during those fucking hitts. but i cant eventhough my fucking vagina donot let me enjoy that hard dicks hits it starts to hurt me on evry this normal? i hope u ll get this now i tried to make u ppl understand my fucking question