Feeling happy but not completely..

15 Weeks today and I still don’t know what we are having, but I know this little munchkin is so loved already. I had an incident where my dad wasn’t exactly happy when he found out i was pregnant and keep in mind, I’m 22 and my boyfriend is also 22 and we’ve been together since we were 17. The last thing my dad told me over the phone is that if I’m ever struggling, that I can’t ask anyone for money that it is up to us to handle it. He went on for about 10 minutes about how my sister and i pretty much ruined his life, and how my kid is going to be the same. I am extremely happy and excited and understand how difficult it is going to be. Everyone else is really excited for us but i just wish I also had his support as much as I have my moms. Also, my parents have been divorced since I was about 10. Any advice??

P.s. it looks like I’m a lot bigger because I have more layers underneath my shirt lol