CM Question (sorry, kinda long... I'm very detailed lol)


I noticed yesterday when I wiped after using the bathroom there was a small amount of what looked and felt like clear, stretchy, ewcm. When I did my regular CM check a little later it was white and creamy. Today when I wiped after using the bathroom, again I had what appeared to be clear, stretchy, ewcm, but this time more of it than there had been yesterday, and this time there was also bright red blood in it. Later today when I did my actual check for the day it was again white and creamy, and more of it than there was when I did my check yesterday.

A little additional background info: I have had one "regular period" and then a lot of spotting for the last few weeks due to getting off depo about a month ago (almost 16 weeks since last shot), but I didn't have any actual bleeding/spotting yesterday or today, just the blood in the CM when I wiped today. On a side note, I am well aware that it can take a while to return to normal cycles and fertility after depo (btdt, this is my second time now lol), I'm just trying to get the hang of tracking my CM. Any help with that is greatly appreciated.

So, the question: Would I classify these two days as creamy CM or ewcm for tracking purposes? And any idea what the deal might be with the bloody ewcm type stuff I had? I've read about ovulation spotting, but it seems unlikely I would ovulate already, although I suppose it is possible.