Possibly pregnant with #3...and my youngest is only 5 months old 😱😱

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So it’s not 100% yet because the line didn’t show up in the time limit...and ive only taken two tests so far. The first one I took on Thursday and a line showed up a couple hours later. The second one I took today and I thought I might have seen a line but I wasn’t sure but 15 minutes later my husband saw a definite second line. I know about evap lines but I’ve never had one before and I’ve taken a LOT of pregnancy tests over the years. So our plan is to test again in a couple days and see if the line shows up when it’s supposed to. I’m kinda freaking out. We weren’t really trying (although we weren’t preventing) so we knew it could happen but I was hoping it wouldn’t happen until after my baby’s first birthday. If I’m actually pregnant I’ll be due before my oldest’s third birthday...3 under 3 sounds so scary. But at the same time I’d be super happy to add another child into our family. Ahhh i really don’t know what to think!!