Meet Eliana Elise born 6/28 😍😍😍

Sarah β€’ | Mommy to Eliana Elise 6/28 | Step mom | Married to the love of my Life | Cosmetologist | Scentsy Consultant |

I woke up very early on 6/28, on my daughters due date, at 40 weeks, with a a bad urge to pee while also noticing some period like cramps, that i hadn't been getting before. i tried to sleep some more, but woke up again at 5am cause of the cramps, & couldn't go back to sleep. so i quietly hung out, had some breakfast, and then was able to sleep again from 9-10am. after getting up and letting my husband know, that i thought i might be starting early labor contractions, cause they were all over the place, so wasnt sure if how long it was gonna last or if it was the real thing, we decided to take it easy for the day. i was scheduled for induction in 6/29 cause of gestational hypertension. so we werent sure if i was gonna go into labor by then. by 2:45 my pain was getting more and more painful and also were about 3 mins apart but only lasting 30 seconds, and mind you my water hadnt broke yet. called my OB and they said get ready to come in soon, and my husband wanted me to let him know when they lasted 40seconds. which didnt take long for that to happen. we got to the hospital at 445, and they told me i was STILL only 1cm dilated, but because i was 80% effaced and, contractions 2-3 mins apart, and high blood pressure while also being scheduled for induction the next day, the decided to admit me. everyone thought i was gonna be pregnant still friday morning. but we got to my room where i contracted for about 4 hrs, before they gave me the epidural. after the epidural my nurse checked me and to my husbands & i and nurses surpise i was 7cm dilated!! the nurse went and told the dr and 5 minutes later dr came in to check and said wow! youre at 10 already!! so got everyone ready, told me how to push. i only pushed for about 20 minutes & she was here 6/28 @ 11:36pm!!! 7lbs, 20inches long. and healthy as a horse!! Dad, baby & I finally got discharged today and im already getting milk in my breasts, and im just SO IN LOVE. Im FINALLY A MOM.