Give me your best sleep training tips


I have a 5 month old EBF daughter and she is still waking MULTIPLE times a night. I think she might being hitting a growth spurt because I'm on day 5 of every hour to hour and a half wanting to be on the boob. But I'd like to really get her to start sleeping the majority of the night seeing how I haven't had a true full night sleep since she was born and I'm a teeny bit tired.

I'm currently reading sleep sense and moms on call but I'd love some feed back from you ladies, maybe some tricks I don't know about.

I'd like to note I'm not a huge fan of the cry it out method, and I know after like two minutes of crying I'll be rushing in so it just won't work for me but thank you.

Thank you taking the time to read and respond this tired mommy appreciates it!