He gave me a gift ..

Okay so for my birthday my husband got me this gorgeous necklace and I am so thankful for it and love it but you can tell it wasn’t made right ( and I am not complaining at all I am the girl that will get second hand before paying full price just hear me out) the chain feels like it’s going to break and the charm itself it’s super light and he was told it as real gold from Macy’s right well he forgot to take off the tag and I happened to see it when I was putting it on and it was 200$! I will wear this necklace everyday I love him and love his heart and love for me but I feel like they completely ripped him off and I am furious and don’t know how to tell him. And I don’t think I want to. And plus we aren’t great on money at all right now with me having to quit my job for personal reasons and I told him not to spoil me for my birthday I was fine with just a simple dinner and movie night and now I feel sick to my stomach knowing he spent that much money on me and don’t knows what to do. In no way am I ungrateful and I love the necklace but it’s clearly only worth 40$ at best and I would rock that necklace but idk why I feel like this maybe I am wrong idk what do you girls think