Cats are so underrated!


So, I am a huuuuuuuuge cat person. I love my cat. Here’s a quick picture of my baby. He sneezed in this😂

Anyways, I love cats and I know a lot of people who love them, too. But, I also know a lot of people who hate them. One assumption that is normally made about cats is that they are mean. Yes, there are definitely some cats that aren’t as sweet, but there are so many amazing cats out there. The way a cat acts is all from how it was raised. I have found that older shelter cats tend to be very very sweet.

Another thing people assume about cats is that they only care about themselves and have no emotion for others. This one is definitely false. For a fact, cats have many emotions along with all animals. Also, cats don’t just care about themselves. True, they feel very high up in society, but if you are treating your cat right, they should feel that way. My cat, along with many other cats, is such a sweet, caring, loving, silly, smart, beautiful cat. Sometimes I’ll come home and go to my bedroom and he will be lying in the middle of the floor with his little pink young sticking out. When I’m sad, he makes me his top priority and gives me all of his love. When I’m gone for a few days, I’ll get back and he’s waiting for me on the couch. They have an image that they are mean and only care for themselves. That is so untrue. Cats are so underrated.