Adaline Lily’s Arrival

Katie • Adaline Lily, born May 2, 2018💗

My birth story: (its long so read if you want or don’t 😂)

I can’t believe our baby is 8 weeks old now. It’s funny how I dreaded giving birth for the longest time because of all the stories everyone told me. I was afraid to do it vaginally but I knew that that was what was best at the time so I prepared myself mentally for that. Then one day we find out she has been frank breech for a while and didn’t look like it was going to change. Instantly my worries changed from vaginally to going to have my first surgery. Everyone was so excited and happy to meet her and trust me I was too but I was so terrified of the unknown. I did research, I asked people who have had them for their stories. I again became so scared. One thing that always made me feel better was talking to my midwife Julie Tesi. She was absolutely amazing. And if there is one or two things I was sad about it was that she didn’t get to deliver her and that I was going to have to choose the day she is born. I wanted her to come the day she was meant to come. I didn’t want to choose her date of birth it made me sad. But of course in the end Brian and I did everything we had to. We did our research again, asked many questions and came to the conclusion that we wanted Dr Dowling to deliver her. So we met with him and he had us pick a date and we had agreed on May 4th because well (May the 4th be with you 😂 Star Wars fans over here) but when I chose that date and Dr Dowling said he’s not there on Fridays I said nevermind I will do any day you are available. The staff worked their butts off to get us in being that there were so many csections being sheduled. So in the end they chose May 2nd to be the day. I was a little sad but knew that that was what had to be done. Well the night before I naturally could not sleep. My body ached, I was nervous, and I kept getting cramps from nerves(or so I thought). So we woke up that morning got ready and I said to Brian how my nerves made my stomach sick all night so I didn’t get good sleep. We drive to the hospital and I notice that those pains are getting more frequent but again I’m on my way to have major surgery so I didn’t think twice. So we get to the hospital and they do all their things they do and when they hook me up to the monitor (baby and I) they say, “we see you are having contractions” and I was shocked (never doing this before). I said, “yeah I wondered why they kept coming!” And so they kept checking me and said, “wow you are getting one contractions after another aren’t you!” So they checked me and I was 3 cm dialated. So they called the doctor in and he decided since she was still breech and that I was in fact in labor they would push my surgery sooner. I couldn’t believe that I got my wish. She is coming the day she was meant to come. With my heart racing and my nerves going I said goodbye to my mom, my dad, Brian’s mom, and they wheeled me away. I saw my mom start to cry and that only made me more scared but (momma bear instincts kicked in) I knew my little girl needed to come out safely so I had to be brave. They took Brian away from me to get him ready and I started to breathe like they taught us in our birthing class. I cannot tell you how amazing those doctors and nurses were to me. I instantly felt so much better when they took care of me and made me feel like we were a family going through this experience together. The surgery was not bad. In fact, you might think I’m crazy but I absolutely loved my csection. I loved my whole pregnancy and my delivery. In fact, I miss it. I am sad it’s over. But the moment I will always miss and remember the most is that moment when they all chanted “11:03 am!” And I laid their waiting for that sound. And I heard it. My baby’s cry. I turned my head waiting to see her. And that moment I saw her I cried. She was so perfect. I instantly knew that that was her that was my little baby in my belly who would kick me all the time and I would rub her head by my ribs all the time. Feel her baby hiccups all the time. And here she was. Under that light I see her red tinted hair shining, her perfect skin. They let daddy hold her and bring her to me where they placed her on my paralyzed chest and I felt her warm head against my face and it felt so natural. My heart was back. My body was complete again. I looked at Brian and we just stared at each other then at our baby and our new family. That is the moment I will always remember and miss the most. The recovery was nothing. Everything was worth it. So my advice to any future moms is it’s ok to be scared and hear others stories and to become prepared but just remember you have that moment coming and that will be YOUR moment, your story to share.

I love you Adaline Lily, my little heart❤️

Pregnancy belly

First time meeting Adaline Lily

Current Photo 8 weeks later 😍