Should I be in an open relationship???


Hey guys, so I have posted about my relationship problem quite a bit here and everyone has been so helpful and empathetic so I thought I would post about it again but ask another question.

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 4 years and have lived together for 2 years. I have gained 80 lbs since we started dating and for the last year we have been having issues with our sex life because of it. He is no longer sexually attracted to me.

We have seen a couples counselor but that didn't really help. I see an individual counselor as well. The rest of our relationship is pretty good but not having sex is seriously impacting it.

We have talked about just being friends and having sex with other people but I think I would just be worried about him having sex with other people the whole time even if I am doing the same. Also we live together so we would have to move to separate places and that isn't financially an option for me.

So I am wondering if maybe we should be in an open relationship where we still sleep in the same bed each night and still do everything we do now but allow each other to sleep with other people. Thoughts?