I need help with my views on a relationship

Haylee • 19

So i met a guy and he is super sweet. He has been there for my past relationships. when i’ve been torn apart inside. He had pretty much seen me at my worse and he is still here. He has bought me gifts and has always put me first. Opening doors and buying my dinners and has bought all the things in our dates. i feel really bad about it because i’ve never been treated like this. My past has always been about sex and if they didn’t get it they would try and hit me and abuse me. I have thought to keep a guy you have to give him your body because that’s all they want. This guy doesn’t want that. I thought it was weird.. The only thing that’s gets to me is that he doesn’t have much muscle and his dick... it’s not as big as i have had it but i know that shouldn’t matter right?

(please don’t be rude)