Pregnancy progression


So when I started my second pregnancy I weighed 120, only 5 pounds away from where I was before I had my son.

This is a picture of me right before I got pregnant with my first son

This is me right before I got pregnant with my second son

This is me at 7 almost 8 months with my second son

I started exercising a lot more in this pregnancy after I hit the second trimester, and I’m happy to say I have gained 20 pounds so far.

I still drink 2 cans of soda a day, I’ve eaten probably 5 ice cream cakes since my cravings began, and I cut back to only eating out 2 days out of the week instead of 5.

I’ve had no issues with this pregnancy what so ever.

With my first son I was constantly in pain from my feet to my back to my head.

I was constantly having Braxton Hicks.

And I gave birth to him 5 weeks early.

With this pregnancy it’s been smooth sailing. I’ve had no headaches, no back pain, no feet pain. I honestly feel pretty amazing.

and I can’t help but wonder if it’s because of my water intake and my exercising.

People keep telling me I look huge, and that I’ve gained a lot of weight so it just pushes me harder to drink water , and exercise.

I feel like I’m doing pretty good.

I cant wait to see how much weight I lose after my second son is born ☺️