His fetish is kinda weird

I started dating this guy. He’s really chill and funny and we totally hit it off. He’s not the typical guy I have been attracted to in the past but I’m open minded.

I started noticing that his penis (which is kinda below average) is always “accidentally” visible. I’m not sure he is doing it on purpose and at first I was always finding it funny but now it’s kinda weird. I’m thinking he is an exhibitionist or something?

Let me give you some examples. Ok I currently live with a roommate (who I’m cool with) my boyfriend usually stays over maybe 1-2 weekends a month (like one night each time). The 2nd time he stayed over, after we had sex he got up and walked down the hallway naked, knowing my roommate was still awake and in the living room watching tv. Not a big deal. She laughed it off.

He always wears his boxers (really tight) that show every detail of his package and since his penis pokes straight out when soft (instead of hanging down) it always looks like he has a baby boner (sorry I’m laughing typing this because it sounds so dumb but I feel like he knows exactly what he’s doing)

My friends invited me and him to the cabin for a weekend (like 2 other couples) and he slept bottomless with the door partially open at night. One night I woke up in the middle of the night to faint laughing in the hallway and I look over and he has no covers on and he has a full blown erection that’s pulsing straight up in the air (he’s as long about 4 inches). Which is fine but why is his penis everywhere all the time lol

I feel relieved going to work knowing I won’t have to be seeing his mini man popping out somewhere.

Maybe I’m crazy or maybe all guys just have accidents all this time and their dicks run loose. Not sure as my ex was very long but very private about his wank.

I’m not embarrassed just getting annoyed at this point.