Family talking down on pregnancy

So I barely told my immediate family I’m expecting baby #2 and I knew they were going to disapprove but not the way they came at me my first daughter is from my first marriage and this baby is from my current partner , long story short my aunt and my grandma said I ruined my life and that my child was going to be very ugly in comparison to my first daughter because my now partner is very ugly in their eyes nd they also said that if I was to have a sick baby with Down syndrome or anything like that that I should just terminate my pregnancy because why would I ruin my life enslaving me to the sick child

I just hope my child is born healthy

looks don’t matter but it did affect me to hear them be so mean 😞 how can they say something so messed up about an unborn defenseless baby 😢 but I don’t try to think about what they said because only God knows what he is doing and I’m finally pregnant after 6years