Do you feel the vibe??

Hi ladies so I’ve been talking to this guy and he’s so sweet we‘ve hung out so much... he met my sister and brother and him and my brother get along so well, he hasn’t met my parents yet and I haven’t met his but he’s mentioned how I’ll meet his parents soon and how his mom will like me and stuff, so this Saturday I’m having a little family gathering and it’s only going to be my mom and her side (small family) so I decided to invite him and this happened

So being Hispanic and going to any family event and being old (I’m 19 lmao) your family members always ask “where’s the boyfriend” even tho you don’t even have one and Robert hasn’t made it official.... so like if I bring him should I introduce him as my bf?? Like if they ask “is that your bf” should I say yes ?? Lmaooo idk ladies... I also felt like he didn’t want to gooo..... what do you guys think??I just had a vibe he didn’t wanna go or maybe he was butthurt i didn’t say I was going to introduce him as my bf lmao, my sister asking “y tu novio” was his way of saying like he wants me to say he is

I forgot to add: I know he tells his friends about me because his friend invited me to double date with him and his gf and Robert was excited for me to join them on his friends double date.... alsooo he always says He’s mine and only mine... and also he always chooses me over his friends and his friends know that too