No more BC hormones?

So I stopped taking my birth control about a month ago. I started my latest period June 4th. My husband and I had unprotected sex on June 23rd. I have had what I think are pregnancy symptoms: nausea, headaches, heartburn (super unusual for me), sensitive to smells, bloating, heat flashes, burning and super sensitive nipples, and mood swings. When asking family members they all immediately assume pregnancy. Even people who wouldn’t know have said I “look pregnant” whatever that means. According to <a href="">Eve</a> I should be starting today but since I’ve been on BC for the last five years I’m not actually sure when I should be starting or if all these symptoms are from having an influx of hormones from lack of BC this month. I took a digital test Saturday and it was negative. Not sure what to think. Anyone else experience anything similar? Any suggestions?