I don't even know where to post this because it's so bizarre...


A little back story, my ex left me at 8 months pregnant for his ex. Needless to say the rest of my pregnancy was stressful, depressing and short-lived. I delivered our son via emergency c-section at about 36ish weeks along, alone and terrified. The day we got home from the hospital I was served a custody lawsuit. Since then it's been nothing but ugly battles (he's lying in court, pressuring me to allow him and this woman to adopt my child so they can raise him with me out of the picture, etc.) He made no effort to see our son after his first 3 weekly visits until the courts stepped in.

So. I am now 10 weeks PP. As you can imagine, I have no positive feelings left for this worthless sack of flaccid dicks. The bizarre thing I can't quite figure out? Why my uterus contracts almost every time the idea or memory of him pops into my head. The only way to describe it is that my baby maker is shuddering is disgust.

I guess my assumption is that the psychological damage is manifesting itself this way? I don't get these cramps at any other point in my day. I haven't gotten my period yet and these don't feel like PMS cramps. They're just sort of like... mildly violent flutters?

I dunno man. If I have to deal with my uterus protesting for the next 18-life, I'll have the damn thing taken out. 😔