First ultrasound today!


I had my first ultrasound today! Based on my LMP, I was 6w 4d..however, I knew I ovulated later, so they said I was measuring 5w 6d...they didn't change the due date because it's only a 5 day difference. I saw my little bean! It's the size of a grain of rice! And I saw the heart flutter! 💓😭❤️ overall I thought the whole thing went really well (the nurse initially said the heartbeat was low (105bpm), but then corrected it when she realized I was 5weeks6 and not 6weeks4.)

Did anyone have an ultrasound before 6 weeks? What were the results? She also had me hold my breath, I think to get a good read on the heartbeat, is that normal? They want me to come back next Thursday for another US when I'll be further along and then that will be the long appointment of filling out papers and family history, etc. is it a bad sign that they want me to have another US? They didn't seem worried, just me over here 😂🙋🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ I literally can find something to worry about no matter what 😞 I haven't been able to let my guard down