How accurate is the “location” on iPhones?

My boyfriend shares his location with me via iPhone due to reasons I have to not trust him, not for cheating but for trouble making (fights, drinking, smoking, etc). There’s been several times in the last week I checked his location just because I haven’t heard from him in a while, and it will show somewhere that concerns me. I confront him each time and he very casually plays it off like he drove past there but didn’t actually stop there.

*Before anyone gets upset, I share my location with him as well, and I don’t sit and stare at his location all day, only when I get a feeling or haven’t heard from him. And he is not a bad person, he’s had a rough past and has improved tremendously, but still backslides occasionally, and when that happens we discuss it and find a solution. *

Does anyone KNOW that the location on phones is ALWAYS accurate or has it been known to actually be faulty sometimes?

Example- one of these said locations he should stay away from is less than a mile from his house, today it said he was there for 15-20 minutes, but he denies actually stopping at this location.

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