Hey, my wife just had a baby. I need advice on how to be a good dad and husband after birth. She’s the cook of the house. I don’t want her to cook, but I can’t cook . I don’t want her to cook at all until she’s fully healed. Do I grill everyday until her 6 weeks + healing time is up? Do I do instant meals? I need her to eat healthy , our baby needs vitamins from her. I asked her not to drink coffee or soda.. but I feel like she’s drained... I’ve done her laundry , I’ve given her a bath , I’ve done the bed, the house work, helped with our new baby.. i just really need advice. I have my sister here but she doesn’t cook either. Our mother never taught us she worked 3 jobs a day before she passed away. It’s mainly been fast food for us . Please help.

@Diamond : As goes for my wife??? How do I help her recover ???? Movie in bed and take the baby for a few hours ??? Give her a massage, do her hair? Send her to get a pedi????

Update: Hey ladies. Thank you very much for all your support. She woke me up and asked me if I still love her. I responded , Of course I do baby, you’re my entire dream and the mother to my child! I may not be the best husband but I will do my best for our family sweetheart. Our next door neighbor lit off a super loud firework and woke the baby up after she tried getting him to sleep for 3 whole hours. I was so upset and angry at this person for waking our baby up. I picked up the baby and my wife’s face just drops, and she’s crying now. I have a new born crying, and my wife crying. I put him against my chest to let him feel my heartbeat, thinking it would calm him down. Nope. Just made shit worse. My son is now terrified of fireworks. At just 6 days old. Thanks neighbor. Thanks. As for cooking, I don’t want her cooking, or worrying about the bills, or the dogs, or cleaning, or showering. I want her to focus on herself, her mental state of mind , her recovering and healing process with our baby, all while I do the little things. We can’t take him out places because he will get sick. We don’t have his vaccines yet. Got his first ones at the hospital, and then again at one of his appointments I’m not sure which one...

P.s: My sister left 2 nights ago, she was called back into work.

Update: My wife heard a firework go off while she was in the bathroom out of nowhere, using the restroom, screamed and jumped off the toilet. Our son was sleeping, the firework woke him up, our power shut off for a few seconds and he hates complete darkness. My wife and I have to sleep with the nightlight on & a salt lamp on next to his crib because he will scream if a light is turned off. She doesn’t like eating out, due to her not knowing where the food is coming from, who has cooked it, etc. her anxiety is bad about things like that. She brings her own food to cook outs. I will not let her cook until her 6 weeks is up, she has to relax, and recoup. Not worry about feeding me, or herself. That’s my job as a husband. I cooked pancakes this morning, and blueberry oatmeal for her with orange slices, a pear and squeezed orange juice. I’ve been asking her to drink a lot of water to help with her healing process and with her breastfeeding process as well. I gave her a big water bottle with motivational sayings on it, and times. Her breast milk has been great! She’s been pumping 6-11 oz every 2 hours, and her stitches are healing so well. Our son is doing great at 7 days old. We put some fuzzy ear muffs over his ears, and gentle music on. He’s sleeping and my wife is on the computer looking up cat videos. She’s been asking me to get another pitbull puppy.