Seriously about ready to give up on this Glow community.

Hubby and I have been TTC for 13 months now. I have been using Glow as a way to track, and hopefully make it easier to get pregnant. I have numerous questions about things, and have attempted to use the Glow community as a way to have some peace of mind. However, I find that people who don’t post “interesting” (posts with a bunch of emojis/gifs.) things DONT get the help/advice they are looking for. I posted a while ago about help with my OPK, and not a SINGLE PERSON answered. I was hoping all these women would be willing to help. I don’t have many family/friends close by that could be my shoulder to cry, or I that I can get advice from. It just sucks. I already feel all alone. Not getting help from the Glow community just makes me feel worse.