Tips for vacationing with a 7 month old

Kayla • Nora Elyse 12/8/17 💕

We are going on vacation in 2 weeks to the beach and the closer we get, the more and more nervous I get as well.

Does anyone have any tips to make vacationing somewhat easier with a 7 month old?

I really want her to enjoy herself but she really won’t nap anywhere except in her own “space” aka her crib. I’ve never seen her nap out in the open.

So I’m nervous that if we are down on the beach, we will have to trek back up to our condo every 2 hours for her to nap.

Also, she is like clockwork and goes to bed at 7pm. It will be an hour behind where we are going so she’ll really start getting tired at 5pm 🤦🏼‍♀️😅

But the thought of staying tucked away for the rest of the night starting at 6pm kind of stinks.

I know this all comes with the territory of having kids but I just don’t want this trip to revolve around her sleeping/getting her to sleep.