Is my BF grossed out by me?

Hello- I am 25 weeks pregnant and have been with my BF for about 2 years. I have always struggled and felt like he wasnt attracted to be because our sex life hasn't been the greatest. I cant tell if this is just how he is or if it's me. It's hard to think about if he was like this with past girlfriends and the rejection makes me feel so unwanted.

We are both so happy about our baby girl and our relationship has gotten better since finding out but we are still not that sexually active. He doesn't touch my belly or cuddle me or anything like that. We are very comfortable with each other but why does it feel like he doesn't want and physical contact with me?

I got upset this morning because he wouldn't touch my belly and I confronted him about it. He got really mad and we havent spoke to each other.

He acts so caring and happy to be having this baby and around his friends and family he talks about us and makes me feel special. I am so sad about this.