I am extremely concerned


Im 33 weeks pregnant. I have endometriosis and have had a previous miscarriage I was told I wouldn't be able to have children by 3 different Gynecologists. During my pregnancy appointments Im growing more concerned mu doctor dosent know what to do. I have extreme pain in my lower abdomen and it feels like squeezing. Any time I bring anything serious up she tells me to drink more water now they are concerned about preeclampsia and arnt doing blood or ultrasound to confirm. Through this entire pregnancy I have had 2 ultrasounds 1 for bleeding at 6 weeks and the other was at 17 weeks to see sex. Im just losing faith that I can trust she knows what she is doing. What do you think. Also been to emergency room multiple times for "contractions" but according to them I'm not contracting. I feel alot of pain in my lower abdomen and it feels like its ripping out i do wear a pregnancy belt and I am healthy.