Breastfeeding help!!

My baby is one week old today and I have been breast feeding. this is my first child so first time for everything. and my nipples are bleeding and cracking and just so very very very painful! I feel hopeless and lost and I don’t want to stop giving

My Baby breast milk so I got the hand pump for now, I know it might be too soon but my breast can’t take the pain anymore. I’m a crying mess because I just want to breast feed him. It’s probably from a bad latch, I have really huge breast so I don’t know if that makes a difference on the latch but I just need this pump Until my breast heal. I just got it like an hour ago and I pumped 2oz and he only drank like 1oz and it came out really fast and it was the bottle that came with it.. since I’m new to all this how much should I pump to feed him every session??? Please help! And please give me more advice if you have any than I’m asking! I’m going to see a lactating consultant in person but I just need advice for the time being! TYIA