Any thoughts? Advice?

Anjel • Just a young lady trying to live life 💁🏽❤️ 18 Massage therapy student In a relationship-3years

Hey everyone. So I need your advice/guidance. I am 18 years old and about to start my second, and final year of college. I am a massage therapy student. I was thinking of maybe ttc in about 2-3 years when I am hopefully more stable. I have been with my boyfriend (19) for about 3 years now. I plan to get a stable job while going to school, and also doing massage therapy as a career. I want to move out once I am making enough income to provide rent for an apartment. I want to have enough to cover at least 3-4 months before moving out on my own. I want to set up different bank accounts, one for baby funds that would take a portion of my check, one to go towards rent and household supplies, emergency money, and of course, free time money. I want to be able to provide just about everything for my baby, and I know that they are big responsibilities. You you have any advice or comments about what I have listed so far, or any thoughts on what else I should add or consider? Your answers are encouraged, even trolls because sometimes you just need the hard truth. Everyone’s comments are welcome and I will be taking them all into consideration! Thank you