Pregnancy and health update and appts..


So yesterday I had my my 2nd infusion treatment for this yr. and it went ok can’t really complain. The days following I wasn’t feeling to well because of the type of anima I have.

Being high risk and my pregnancy hasn’t been easy due to having epilepsy and since I have been having mini seizures they have been keeping a very close eye.

Everything is looking ok far as my pregnancy goes so far so good. I am just glad my bby is doing good. I haven’t been feeling good at all and half of that has been due to me being pregnant and the other half a been due to my epileptic seizures that has been effecting different parts of my 🧠. I have the worst of the worst type of epilepsy😞.

I have been taking it easy until my next obgyn appt and my first ultrasound appointment that’s coming up is on the 10th can’t wait and very excited but nervous all at the same time😊.

I will keep everyone updated on my 🤰🏾. I am very blessed to become a 🤰🏾mother I have been through so much in my life but this one is such a blessing for me and my boyfriend and all the other ppl who is supports me and him both😘🙏🏾💯! Plz continue to keep and my lil bean in your 🙏🏾. My lil bean @9wks +6days preggo baby bump🤰🏾🙏🏾💯😘😊!