what can i do??


i come from a family where abortion is a no no, i have recently found out i am pregnant (18) i have told me mom and my boyfriend (23) of 8 months is willing to stand by me. he said he would be crushed if i end it and would probably not be able to stand it. i cant even think of having an abortion, but it would impact my life compleatly. my boyfriend and i were planning on going places and having fun before settling in, but we obviously weren't careful enough. his side of the family has agreed to help (since he is the youngest and only one without kids). i was planning on studying diagnostic imaging and close to transfering to that school, however i do not know how me being pregnant will affect all of this. i was not planning on having kids until i was at least 23, i live with my parents at the moment and most of my family wont agree with letting me work (not knowing im pregnant). i was thinking on maybe just taking a pill or have a purposeful miscarriage and not let anyone in my family know because of their views on things. im looking for advise.