Is it too early to test?


I had my IUD remover 8 weeks ago and my husband did not TTC during my first cycle because my OBGYN scared me with miscarriage information. Anyway, we were seriously trying during my last fertile window, about two weeks ago. My period is due in two days and I took an early pregnancy test this morning and it was a clear negative. However, I woke up about three times during the night to pee so I don’t know if my urine wasn’t concentrated enough. I’ve felt seriously bloated and my boobs feel heavier and fuller (for lack of a better word)every day for the last several days. I can’t tell if I’m just making all this up in my head though because I want to be pregnant so bad. When I got pregnant with my son we weren’t really trying and I got pregnant my first cycle after discontinuing condom use. My gyno also made me feel stupid and naive for not anticipating how challenging the TTC road is. I’m sorry for this long winded post, but I’m afraid to say anyone this out loud. I know I was extremely lucky with how quickly we convinced the first time around. If you have experience with negative results early on please let me know. I’m worried every time I use the bathroom that I’ll see blood and my period will confirm I’m not pregnant.