trigger warning... my story.

I'm now 19 almost 20. when I was 13 my boyfriend was 19. (yes stupid I know). Me and my best friend were staying with some of her family, and we plans to sneak out. I had a gut feeling that it was a bad idea. I didn't wanna do it anymore. well it was to late. he was already there and wouldn't leave. my best friend left me alone with him. he pushed me against the house and he put his hand down my pants. I froze in complete fear. he pulled me away from the house and and wrapped around my knees to make me fall. I remember saying no when he asked if I wanted him to when to keep going. I told no one.. my parents found out 3 months later. my dad trashed my name. I was a whore. even the cops pretty much laughed at me. i still get triggered. it's everywhere. watching shows kill me. I can't do this anymore