Part two of cheating


I got of my plane and headed for his house being I can’t check in to my hotel yet. His mom answers the door I ask if he is home. She calls him down stairs he looked surprised but also a little concerned so I said we need to talk alone so we went up to his room and we talked for a good 20 minutes and than I asked so we will call his friend Claire so are you cheating on me with Claire. He stayed calm and said no you are the only girl I want you are the only thing I need Eilise I love you I asked him why haven’t you talked to me lately he said he had gotten a second job to buy a plane ticket to come visit me and surprise me with this. He was also trying to buy a house where I live so he was taking a lot more hours to help pay. I am so happy that he isn’t cheating. I am really lucky because I know a lot of girls are cheated on but I am still going to be cautious. But I am so happy that for a few weeks I get to be with him and than I go back home