Boyfriend said condom split and forgot to tell me?

I really do love my boyfriend but honestly I’m kind of annoyed, the time before the last that I saw my boyfriend was 7 days ago, and we had sex a few times. I also saw my boyfriend yesterday and somehow in conversation he decided to drop in that the condom split and then I freaked out because that was the day before I ovulated, he seemed very stressed about that and said he thought I knew because he finished on my back, but this means he continued to have sex with me without a condom for a while, I was slightly drunk and he has occasionally pulled out with a condom on and then finished on my back after he has taken it off so I didn’t think anything wrong at the time, I’m not on birth control due to a medical investigation my GP is conducting at the moment, and it’s too late to take plan B now? Do I just have to wait and hope for the best? Or are there any other options? 😔