My Boyfriend and I broke up .. we always had a great relationship and we are best friends and we know each other so Well .. And we Love each other Deeeeeeply! Oh , and we are together again , cause we couldnt just throw two years away❤️

Okay , we slept together a while ago ... It was for a long time where i didnt feel to well... Im a gym junky and I have never in my life been so tired like the one evening .. I just didnt feel well.

Me And My Bf talk about our future , kids one day , cause we are basically like a married couple 😁❤️

But .. I took a pregnancy test ..Im Pregnant.. we love each other , respect one another. But .. he made it clear that he doesnt want kids now .. (And btw .. WE CANT!!) We were always SO careful and now.... 😔

I just dont know how to tell him... what to do..