He’s cheating again for the 14 time

I’m just so lost. We moved from one state to another 3 yrs ago because I found out he was cheating with my best friend who is also married and event to this day she says they were just friends but I find it halarious because he kept telling me he didn’t know if he wanted to be with me or her. So more to that lovely story I’m still learning about to this day. Anyways, we have 5 amazing kids together. 4-15. We ended up deciding to get divorced at that time. Keeping in mind he had already cheated 4 times well I call it cheating sexting other women and meeting them to have sex. The last 4 times I found out what site he was on etc made fake profile etc etc and well he met me each time. Though he says it’s not cheating it’s porn. We all know that’s not true it is cheating. So back to the divorce we had decided to go our separate ways and then the next day we had crazy amazing sex sat down talked after we both calmed down and decided we would move and leave everything behind. So we packed up our 5 kids some close in the suitcases we had and our dogs and left moved 1500 miles away. I literally left everything my hole life my hole family my friend for him to make this work and to be happy again. We were fine or so I thought. Until about 7m ago I started seeing the signs and noticing the changes and how he’s acting towards me. I mean we had an amazing sex life everyday sometimes twice a day and then boom nothing I was lucky if I begged for it to get it twice a a month. He just totally had no interest in me. So I began my snooping. I know his passwords which he doesn’t know. I track him on google maps and yes he’s gone to houses and stayed there while I was with kids on vacation he’s gone there in the morning before work I’ve followed him. He’s sexting women a lot of women. I’ve even asked him how his gf was because he had two phones one was his actual phone and the other was his old phone he played his game on well that’s all he ever does so I told him if I ever had chance the dam thing would be gone. I had the chance and wow did I hit the jackpot once it was connected to WiFi. He’s telling this girl he’s got dick for her and he’s waiting on her nudes still and she’s a tease I love u hun babe baby sweetie. Recently he googled where she lives in SC. I mean I’m a freaking mess. I have no job. I have no family here no friends no where to go with my 5 kids in my 3 Danes. They are all my life. I don’t work. I’m stuck at 24/7. He goes out almost every night playing softball with his dad and ppl from work while I’m here with kids. I have no one nothing. Like last weekend he put his phone up while we were at the lake. So when we got home he made sure I was aslp before even touching it. I asked him did you text all your game friend so they know your alive. He says I don’t have any. Lie like the 20th one he’s told me in the last month alone. I’m so stressed out. Don’t hardly eat rarely sleep. I just dk what to do. I wanna move back home with my family but I don’t have money to that I can’t divorce him I have no money for that either. I’m scared he make it hell and try to take my kids away from me. But honestly he doesn’t even care. Our one son has rare epilepsy and immune disorders he tries to give him meds and screws them up he Hs no idea what he has or takes or when. I literally do everything. Doctors for all kids run them everywhere etc I’m just exhausted I can’t do it anymore. But I can’t leave either please don’t bash me. I love him so much and I’m hurting enough. I just thought venting would help